TCPA QUICK HITTER: The Actual “Wolf of Wall Street” Is Still Stuck in that TCPA Case in Florida And Things Just Got Worse

So the Wolf of Wall Street– Jordan Belfort–looks to be in pretty big trouble in a TCPA class action down in Florida.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the guy survived all of his Wall Street antics only to be taken down by the TCPA?

Seems possible.

Belfort allegedly–through his company Global Motivation, Inc.– blasted some folks with text messages without consent.

The case was assigned to the Hon. Judge Cannon–famously presiding over the Trump took-documents-and-didn’t-give-them-back case (never understood what he was thinking there)–who promptly dismissed the case for lack of standing.

Well the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals just reversed her–umm, not the first time–but found that the errant ruling wasn’t her fault:

We do not fault the district court’s reliance on Salcedo and Drazen I when it dismissed the case in December 2022. Nevertheless, we review standing issues de novo, Muransky v. Godiva Chocolatier, Inc., 979 F.3d 917, 923 (11th Cir. 2020)  (en banc), and with the benefit of Drazen II, we conclude Muccio has standing to bring his claims

Yep, this is fall out from that huge Drazen decision from a couple of weeks back (which we discuss in Episode 15 of Deserve to Win!)

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So the case is live again.

Fascinating stuff. We will keep an eye on this.


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