HUGE INCREASE: TCPA Lawsuits Up Double Digits From Last Year– Class Action Numbers Spike

Anyone who thought the TCPA was dead following the Facebook decision really did not understand how TCPAWorld works.

And it works like this– plaintiff’s lawyers like money. And NO federal statute in history has created more money for Plaintiffs lawyers than the TCPA.

Pretty straightforward.

While Facebook weakened one line of attack, the Plaintiffs bar just shifted to other lines of attack and kept coming.

These days prerecorded calls and calls to numbers on the DNC are driving the massive bulk of TCPA filings–although occasional ATDS claim will still be brought (fn7 is still an issue!)

And the Plaintiffs’ bar has really found its stride. According to the stats provided by the good folks at WebRecon, TCPA filings YTD are up a staggering 16.8% from last year! Holy smokes.

Even more stunning–at least to me–66.2% of all TCPA cases filed last month were CLASS ACTIONS.

Just incredible.

These are massive numbers and demonstrate why marketers, servicers, debt collectors and lead sellers are under so much pressure right now to get compliant and stay compliant. And it can be incredibly challenging to do so in TCPAWorld where things move so quickly.

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  1. It is not incredibly difficult to be TCPA compliant. It is just that telemarketers find it to be an inconvenience, and then lament when they are caught.

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