LAST CHANCE: The Deserve to Win Magazine is Still FREE–But Only Until THIS FRIDAY! (Plus–Here’s Your Chance to Advertise)

So this is it. Last warning.

I don’t want to hear anybody say they didn’t know about this deadline because I have repeated it about ten times now.

This Friday, September 15, 2023 is the LAST DAY to subscribe to Deserve to Win Magazine FREE FOR LIFE.

YES WE HAVE A MAGAZINE NOW! And YES it is AWESOME, and YES you can get it FREE!!! (If You Hurry)

After that we will not give it away again. The collector’s first edition will sell for $99.00 on the Troutman Amin, LLP swag store starting Monday!

Second edition–out mid October–will have Puja on the cover and will start at $24.99.

So… no reason to miss your chance to get this thing for free. Just ask.

This thing is awesoe.

And for companies looking to advertise we have a couple of slots left. We are VERY picky about who we partner with, however, so please don’t be upset if we politely suggest a different avenue for you.

Chat soon.



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