LONG LIVE THE DUKE!: Senior Paralegal with Deep Mortgage Experience and Litigation Background Joins Troutman Amin, LLP

Look at those soulful eyes. This guy is going to be great!

Duke Duke Duke Duke!

There’s nothing I like better than growing. and we do a lot of it around here.

Just last week we added our latest staff member– Connor Treanor.

Connor joins us from loanDepot where he was a FANTASTIC resource for outside counsel assisting on TCPA litigation matters and privacy legal issues for the famous non-bank mortgage originator. And wouldn’t you know it, our clients need assistance with TCPA and privacy legal issues. What a fit!

Connor is deeply experience in civil litigation matters and knows the practice of law exceptionally well. We are looking forward to deploying him on our portfolio of complex federal court litigation matters the firm handles across the country.

But his background and deep knowledge with substantive legal issues–again, particularly TCPA, state mini-TCPAs, privacy (CIPA!) and mortgage-specific issues is what really makes this guy invaluable.

Plus he is a real sparkplug–full of energy and really ready to dive in and get moving.

“I am honestly incredibly excited to be working with this team. We worked so well together when I was at loanDepot and now that I can support this team directly its just really and great opportunity.” Connor said. “I want to get better, and working on a nationally-known complex litigation team like this one is such an amazing opportunity.”

Queenie had some great thoughts on the matter too: “This guy is fantastic. I had the opportunity to work with him when I was heading up the legal department’s efforts to support enterprise marketing and he was so responsive and so on top of things. He is going to be an absolutely great fit here where responsiveness and client support is our absolute priority.”

For his part, Connor was excited to be working with Queenie again.

“I actually became much more focused on TCPA matters when I started working with Puja. I love the area of law. Really fast moving and I just find it fun.”

Connor will be joining the firm as the “Duke” and working alongside the renowned “Duchess”–Angelika Munger, who also supported Puja while at loanDepot.

Angelika has become a nationally-recognized thought leader on state level mini-TCPAs and privacy issues and deftly supports the firm’s compliance efforts. It is contemplated Connor will serve as Angelika’s counterpoint on litigation matters.

“Connor is a big addition.” Angelika says with a smile. “I know he’s going to fit in great and work hard and so this is just really exciting.”

Please join the rest of us in welcoming Connor to the firm! Give him a shout at connor@troutmanamin.com and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Also be on the look out for some blogs from the guy. He has a great approach to writing and I think you’ll enjoy hearing from him regularly.

Chat soon.


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