MUST WATCH: The Entire Troutman Amin, LLP Coverage of Yesterday’s Robocall Hearing Is Now Available–And Check These Clips!

So those of you who were up bright and early yesterday got to watch Queenie and I do LIVE coverage and analysis of the U.S. Senate robocall hearing yesterday.

My notes on the hearing are here.

And my solution to the robocall problem is here.

Below you can watch the entire hearing with out analysis. Be warned-it is two hours long!! Eesh.

Luckily though we are putting together some quick highlight clips you will enjoy.

The first one which is a MUST WATCH sees U.S. Senator Jon Tester compare robocallers to child molesters:

U.S. Senator Tester BLASTS Robocallers as bad as child molesters! For more EYE OPENING content follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube Channel!

Holy smokes!!!

The second one is CRITICAL for led generators and those interested in the FCC’s NPRM proceeding. You can watch Margot Saunders:

  1. Tell Congress industry and lead generators have “gotten to” the FCC!!!! (WHOA!);
  2. Tell Congress she wants to end the entire “business model” of the lead generation industry!; and
  3. Straight light to Congress regarding the current state of the regs.

The NCLC’s Margot Saunders tells Congress lead generators have “gotten to” the FCC before lying to Congress and telling the Senate she wants to end lead generators’ “business model.” For more UNBELIEVEABLE content follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube Channel!

This was truly unbelievable testimony. Real “jump the shark” stuff. People need to be paying attention here.

We will have more “best of” clips soon. For now though the entire proceeding can be viewed here:

Our INCREDIBLE complete live coverage of the Senate hearing yesterday–sponsored by the Reassigned Numbers Database!!! For more CRITICAL content follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube Channel!



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