AT IT AGAIN: Diana Mey Sues Allstate For TCPA Violations-And This Time, Its Personal (Well, Not a Class Action)

You remember in the 80s when every ad for an action movie included the phrase “and this time, its personal.”

The Simpsons spoofed it a few times–loved that. 

And now Coach Prime has brought it back, although that really hasn’t worked out so well.

In any event, Diana Mey is one of the best known TCPA filers in the country. She has brought so so many cases and has been REALLY successful. She is not to be taken lightly as a litigator, even when she doesn’t have a lawyer.

On the other hand, Allstate has been beaten up time and time again in TCPAWorld.

GOOD HANDS?: Allstate Faces Massive Exposure After Telemarketing Vendor Hired By Agents (Allegedly) Failed to Scrub Against Corporate DNC List

Remember this? 

Oh yeah, and this guy:

Dude almost lost his business due to TCPA suit against Allstate.

So when I see Diana Mey filing her 900th (hyperbole, probably) TCPA suit and picking Allstate as the target, I see a bloody over-the-top 80s sequel fueled by “personal” animus.

In Mey’s new case–which was filed in state Court and removed to federal court today–Mey claims she received a ton of calls from various individuals identifying themselves as “Zoltar” and “Jimmy” from various companies and he somehow blames all of this on Allstate.

This is not her best work. But, this time, its personal. So.. messy is acceptable!

You can read the complaint here:

Allstate Mey Complaint

Also Diana has apparently picked up pickleball recently (when will that fad die out?) so she’s in better shape than ever before.

So what will become of this all-star TCPA Allstate battle? We will keep an eye on this and let you know!


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