TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: 25 reasons why life is beautiful, 25 reasons why we’re the best, and the REAL top 25 of college football

1. So it is Wednesday and the Czar has already had a 50 hour work week (that includes Sunday… but still.)

2. If you’re afraid to work hard you will not succeed. If you impose limits on yourself you will fail by your own hand. Winning demands more. It demands all you have to give.

And I am here for it.

3. SO SO SO SO SO many of you asked me to out the wise and thoughtful lawyer that decided to send around messages trolling for clients after PACE’s demise last week. So smart!

Would love to OUT them, but that’s not what I am about. Love the interest in the story though.

4. Also, let’s talk college football real quick. Latest playoff rankings are a joke. Ohio State and Michigan no. 2 and 3????? Come on. They’re not top ten teams folks. WATCH THE GAMES.

Here is the REAL top 25:

1. Georgia

2. Washington

3. Oregon

4. Alabama

5. Louisville

No question Georgia is number 1 here–best team in the nation, no playoff needed. Washington and Oregon are plainly the best teams not named Georgia though and their QB play is SO much better than any other team. Not even close. Alabama has now proven it is worthy of the number 4 spot–very powerful and smart team. And Louisville–who I identified as a top team weeks ago and everyone else is coming around to–is steady as they come and very well rounded.

6. Texas

7. Oklahoma

8. Florida State

9. Missouri

10. LSU

Texas and Oklahoma are obvious candidates for 6 and 7. Many will fault me for putting the Seminoles at no 8–and I understand that. There are exactly 4 teams that can win the national championship this year– and ONLY 4. Florida State is one of them. On their best day they can play with–and beat–ANYBODY in the nation. So much talent. But they are TERRIBLY inconsistent (bad coaching–no discipline) so I cannot have them higher than 8. LSU is a surprise choice at number 10, but they’re talent and toughness (and speed) is so so so underrated. They’re a top 10 team. No question.

11. Michigan

12. Ole Miss

13.  Utah

14. Ohio State

15. Notre Dame

Now the overrated Big 10 schools finally make their appearance in the real rankings. They’re not bad teams, but they are nowhere near elite. Ole Miss is a very stout program and would beat Ohio State more times than they lose. Utah belongs in this class as well–and they were obliterated by Oregon not long ago, highlighting the gap between these teams. Notre Dame is a very good team and slots in nicely at 15.

16. Oregon State

17. USC

18. Clemson

19. Tennessee

20.  Kansas State

Oregon State is a good program but overrated at 11. USC comes in at 17. Yes they have 4 losses–BUT LOOK WHO THEY HAVE PLAYED. They would beat anyone below them on this list. Clemson is an iffy choice at 18 but they have really righted the ship following the loss to Duke and I think they too would beat anyone below them right now. Tennessee and KS are two excellent teams that just don’t have the firepower to compete with the big boys above them.

21. Oklahoma State

22. North Carolina

23. Arizona

24. Penn State

25. UCLA

These rankings speak for themselves except for 24 and 25. Penn State is essentially a mirror image of UCLA–good defense but COMPLETELY INEPECT offense. While Ohio State and Michigan are badly overrated, Penn State is actually the most overrated team in the nation right now–slotting in full 12 spots higher than they should. Also I know UCLA just lost to the Sun Devils–which is nuts. But that was an aberration. They’re skill level earns them a top 25 spot, even if they cannot score.

So… number 4 was long. Sorry. But not really because SOMEBODY has to give accurate college football ranking out there. 🙂

In other news:

5. Yes I am angry at another trade organization right now. No I won’t tell you who it is just yet because I am still analyzing whether this is a “death penalty” sort of offense or just a “kiss and makeup next week” sort of offense. Probably the latter. But could be the former. More to come.

6.  If you haven’t signed up for the Summit next month then maybe I don’t want you there anyway. Strong words, but I am kind of tired begging people to do what is in their own best interest. I’ll probably soften on this tomorrow though. Been a long week (Wednesday.)

7. Sent around an email today inviting certain companies to bid on sponsoring the 2024 TCPA Annual Review–YES, it will be available at Lead Generation World in January, which I haven’t even talked about yet because I am busy talking about the Summit. If you want to advertise in our PREMIER Annual review–that EVERYBODY reads and loves–probably reach out to me right now. To say that interest is frothy would be an understatement.

8. We have two webinars coming up still this month. Will promote tomorrow.

9. Andrew Perrong–YES ANDREW PERRONG–will be on the next episode of Deserve to Win the podcast. Yep. Brace yourselves.

10. has already received 42% more traffic this year than last year–42%!!!!!!!–and it is only November. EVERYBODY loves this blog. (And We love you too.) Because we’re fast and they’re all SLOW. And now the feature image finally makes sense. 🙂

11. My love for all of you is up 42% from last year as well. And that’s saying something.

12. I have the greatest team on the planet. If you only knew what these folks pull off day in and day out. Absolute mind job.

13. We are launching the “Deserve to Win” app next year. Yes. An app. For our brand.  You heard it here first.

14. The Baroness and Dame will be recording “The Real Associates of OC” episode 3 soon. They’re amazing and I love them.

15. Speaking of the RAoOC, they will be on the cover of the NEXT EDITION OF DESERVE TO WIN, the Magazine!!! Out January 1, 2024! Yeah, you’ll want a copy of that. Subscribe now.

16. Also you’ll probably want to ADVERTISE in that issue. So reach out to me about that.

17. Holiday party is coming up!!!!! If you didn’t make the list, you probably didn’t make the list. Sorry. But it will be amazingly fun. And in Louisville. And I am excited for it!

18. Thanksgiving is next week, and we are having an INCREDIBLE potluck. Queenie is literally making the turkey. I am serious. She is. Here is the little social thing she made about it:

19. TO BE CLEAR: you are NOT invited to the Thanksgiving special unless I specifically invite you. And this does NOT count as an invite. 🙂

20. We decided NOT to go to F1 this year–sorry to all the CEOS, dignitaries and Senators we reached out to about possibly doing it. They changed the start time to 10 pm and there is NO WAY I will be awake at that point. The Czar sleeps early. Wakes up early. And is healthy, wealthy, and wise as a result. 🙂 (But rooting for Puja’s boyfriend.)

21. BTW we WILL have the Troutman Amin, LLP STAGE back again!!!! this time for Lead Generation World. Unbelievable. We are amazing.

22. Queenie is helping LinkUnite with something special and secret but this is MASSIVE. But also this is secret. So shhhh.

23. PACE is dead. But I am not dancing on its grave. Except for this. And only because they did that whole thing they did. You know what I mean.

24. Unlike PACE, I had a meeting with the FCC again today try and get this NPRM killed–we are GETTING THERE! Today’s meeting was with three AMAZING women and small business owners whose businesses would be DEVASTATED if the NPRM kills leads.

25. AND last TOMORROW R.E.A.C.H. is meeting with the CHAIRWOMAN OF THE FCC’S office–NO PRESSURE. Will report on that soon.

We keep going. We keep winning. And we keep having fun–doing the right thing, for the right reasons.

Life is beautiful. And no other law firm comes close.

Much love TCPAWorld.


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