IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Here Are All of the TCPA WebiCZAR’s Recent Virtual Speaking Appearances

All right so I’m just going to embrace this new webiczar title I’ve been given. As my friends know, I am a technologyphobe and traditionally have refused to make virtual appearances in favor of the real deal.

But with the plague forcing us all into the “great timeout” (TM) I have reluctantly (albeit repeatedly) agreed to a number of interviews and webinars (including one this morning.)

Rather than make you hunt for these things I figured I’d make it easy for you and collect them here:

Today’s awesome webinar on Critical Covid 19 Delivery Advice and Breaking TCPA Review can be found here:


My big TCPA/Privacy cross-over webinar for LeadsCouncil (love those guys) where I joined up with Squire’s powerhouse privacy pro Elliot Goulding to discuss the data security aspects of the Covid19 shut down is here:

LeadsCouncil Leadership Series: Regulatory/Compliance – We SCARES because we CARES from LeadsCouncil on Vimeo.

My recent attendance on the wildly-popular podcast “A Shark’s Perspective” can be found here:


And, of course, my even more recent podcast interview on Jake Lynn’s Big Top 100 podcast “All Things Telesales” can be found right here:


And last, but certainly not least, my big webinar on ROBOLAWSUITS–call blocking apps that allow people to make TCPA claims with the push of a button–can be found right here:


It has been a busy month! And while I’m still adjusting to the technology issues, it sure beats hopping on airplanes. Maybe being the webiCzar isn’t so bad.

More to come.



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