Desperately Seeking QUALITY: Here are all the Great Webinars/Podcasts Breaking down the HUGE TCPA Week-That-Was

If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

Every once in a while I poke my head up and tune into some of the work done by others out there and, inevitably, I regret it. No wonder so many of you hate webinars. Eesh.

But listen, has always been the antidote for bad content and that is especially true when it comes to video breakdowns and webinars as we absolutely proved this last (critical) week. So if you are still looking for some great breakdowns of Barr v. AAPC and the new Facebook review, we’ve got you covered.

Last week, Tav Gomez (head of Morgan & Morgan’s Consumer Protection department) joined me on a HUGE webinar breaking down Barr that set an attendance record. Really amazing stuff. Click the picture below to watch.

Also last week the team got together to look at all the ins and outs of the big Barr decision and really poke and prod at the First Amendment doctrine underlying the big ruling as part of Unprecedented Episode 17. This is the deepest and most insightful dive of Barr you’re going to find out there.  Click the picture below to enjoy the [VIDEO] podcast:


All of that was just table dressing, however. Last week the REALLY big news broke– SCOTUS granted Facebook’s petition for review of the TCPA’s ATDS definition. And that lead to the most important coverage yet– with Archduke, Queenie and I joining forces with for a real powerhouse webinar bringing it all together. THIS THING IS INCREDIBLE. Watch the first ten minutes of this thing and you will understand all the critical developments in TCPAWorld out there:


You really HAVE to watch. Incredible stuff. Click the picture to enjoy.

And here’s a bonus for you. I joined the folks over at Jornaya to discuss the application of the TCPA to the mortgage vertical–including both marketing and servicing issues. Pretty high level overview here. Enjoy folks:

Jornaya Talks Mortgage – What is TCPA and Why is it So Confusing w/ guest Eric Troutman

As always, if you want more great VISUAL content and fantastic guest interview, peruse the selection of Unprecedented [Video] as well as my old WEBICZAR content. Ha.




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