Best Quick TCPA Primer You’ll Ever See– Plus Updates On the TCPA Czar’s Speaking Schedule

As followers know I have done a ton of recent virtual learning sessions. They don’t call me the webiczar for nothing.

Having re-reviewed these materials lately, it dawns on me that the best interview/webinar I’ve done this year was a neat and tidy high-level TCPA review for Justin Thomas, a fairly obscure but immensely talented blogger and podcast host.  The guy did a great job of asking fairly basic but really important questions and this is a quick 34 minute interview that everyone in TCPAWorld should tune in for.

Check it out here:

Don’t I look contemplative?

And for those who are interested on my next virtual appearances summer break is over and I will be speaking in two slots at virtual LeadsCon (you can’t miss those), for CBA Live on October 1, 2020 and then at Pace on October 8, 2020 as part of a great panel. Plus I’m hearing rumors of another big webinar. More info on these shows coming up.

As fun as this virtual stuff is, I certainly miss the real stage and look forward to connecting with all of you again IN PERSON, hopefully as early as January. (Mike F?)


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