A Perfect Sunday Afternoon Read: Dennis Brown’s Self-Published TCPA Masterpiece

So I know this isn’t going to help me with the “all Eric thinks about is the TCPA” cliché, but I’ve been reading this book about the TCPA and it is actually fantastic.

Couple of notes on what I just said: i) I generally don’t read prose written post-1956 since all literature died that year; ii) as an author of some renown, and some ego, I rarely compliment anything anyone else has written.

But this book is really good. And not just because it discusses all of my favorite subject matter. It is extremely well researched, covers a ton of interesting historical notes and anechdotes–many of which I didn’t know about it–and does it through the lens of a lay person rather than a lawyer.

True the book has a bit of a pro-plaintiff (i.e. anti-robocall) bend and casts some well-known TCPA dwellers as villains and, other dubious characters as unlikely heroes, but it really brings some of the more sterile pieces of the law to life and covers all the recent developments with color and verve.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the book covers a number of my big wins–although I am not mentioned by name for some reason– and identifies TCPAWorld.com as one of the “best resources for staying up-to-date on the law…

I mean, obviously. But still, thanks Mr. Brown!

I will note a number of other big-ego TCPAWorld denizens do get a “by name” mention, including Jay Edelson, Abbas Kazerounian, Todd Friedman, Tim Sostrin, and a huge cast of Plaintiffs (Mey, Charvart, Cunningham, etc.) I suspect the author felt comfortable identifying these “heroes” of the tale but figured the “villains” might not want to be outed. ha.

Great discussion about the background on the statute, the FCC’s early approach to the TCPA, the First Amendment dimensions and battles, the ATDS quagmire, sovereign immunity and the Broadnet ruling… and I’m only on Chapter 6.

Plus, this thing costs $9.99. A well-researched, self-published novel being sold for under ten bucks? Obviously this was a labor of love, and I’ve got love for that.

So TCPAWorld.com faithful, give this thing a read: https://www.amazon.com/Telephone-Terrorism-Story-Robocalls-TCPA/dp/1697693814

And if you’re reading this Mr. Dennis Brown–and I suspect you might be–give me a call. Would love to have you on the podcast. But mostly just to have you explain why you didn’t mention the Czar of the TCPA in your otherwise-finely-crafted work.

Editor’s Note: Neither I nor Squire Patton Boggs endorse any opinion or statement contained in this book–except the part where TCPAWorld.com is noted as an awesome TCPA resource. No I’m not getting paid for this endorsement– I don’t do that. And I don’t know the guy. I just thought it was a good read and I love to support folks that work hard at something to succeed. If you hate the book–sorry. If you love it, you’re welcome.

Second Editor’s Note: Which picture do you like best? Bit of a competition brewing at the moment. Strong opinions on both sides.



  1. A podcast to rival the one with Anthony Paronich! Thank you for the review.

  2. Eric, I have inquired of my friends who Dennis Brown may be, as I don’t recall the name. Anyone who really knows the history will have to have “been there” and there is only so much to be gleaned from court records. Phil Charvat—-only one R, please!

  3. Thanks for the great review. I’m pleased (and a bit surprised) that you found my book so informative, and that you were able to tolerate the attempts at levity and my “pro-plaintiff” bias.

    Since the book was intended mostly for those who are new to the subject, I left out a lot of details to keep the story moving along. Many worthy lawyers, litigants, czars, etc. were omitted. Even the legendary Phil Charvat got just a paragraph or two. But I really should have given TCPA World an extra special mention, because there’s no other resource that is as useful and current as this site. My research relied mostly on primary sources (court documents, transcripts, FCC proceedings) and news stories, but I always checked here each day as I was completing the book to make sure that I wasn’t missing any new developments. Thanks again!

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