You Can’t Write a Book About the TCPA and Not Become Famous on–Author Accepts Podcast Interview, Sort of

So I’m loving this story.

You’ll recall this guy named Dennis Brown–who I’d never heard of about 15 days ago– wrote this really good book on the TCPA. 

I did a quick review of it a little while ago and drove a bunch of traffic to amazon to buy the book, which I love to see. I mean the book is really good and actually taught me quite a bit.

Taught me. 

Quite a bit.

About the TCPA…

I mean, come on.

Anyway I am also pushing the guy to join the podcast because– again, he actually wrote an entire book about the TCPA and he deserves all the fame and notoriety that comes along with it.

So a few new developments.

One, Dennis linked to my review on his personal blog–found here— which I absolutely love. Then a TCPAWorldphile tracked down the post and left a comment for him noting both what a great book Dennis had written and urging him to accept my podcast invite.

That’s the TCPAWorld faithful doing their job. Love to see it.

So today, Dennis emailed me in very classy fashion acknowledging the request and asking for a little time before joining us on Unprecedented, which I completely respect.

His words:

I know that you have some interest in me appearing on Unprecedented to discuss my “Telephone Terrorism” book, so I thought I should get in touch.  I really appreciate the invitation, and I didn’t expect it.  It’s the TCPA equivalent of an open mic night comedian being offered a slot on the Tonight Show, or a kid in the stands at an NFL game being brought down to kick a field goal.

Anyway he asked me for a few months to prepare and–since Unprecedented is essentially one step up from a Ted Talk–I understood the trepidation and agreed.

We’ll look to see Dennis join us sometime in early 2021. In the meantime, the big interview with Duguid lead counsel Sergei Lemberg drops on Tuesday right here.

Don’t miss it.

Also, while I have you— big announcement this week on a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE seminar on the impact of the election results on the TCPA and privacy world in early November. You need this one, and we’re happy to bring it to you.


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