GOOD MORNING TCPAWORLD– A Few Quick Updates (Florida Bill, Compliance Palooza, Other Stuff)

Heya TCPAWorld. Hope you had a great July 4th weekend. Back to the grind.

I am plenty tardy on that second update on the Florida robocall bill and my email box is still stacked with questions. Sorry folks, but I was simply shellacked last week. I apologize for the delay. (And I know, I know, the other firms are getting it wrong. I get it.) Will have that long-awaited post up today. Might be later in the day. But today.

In other news, I hear the Compliance Palooza is crazy packed already and I told Rob to start looking for more space. hahaha. We’re about to announce the keynote speaker–will be mind blowing for anyone who follows international politics. Rob is going to make sure the prices go up again after the speaker is announced so get in now. Plus Queenie just signed up to present on TCPA stuff so… the line up just keeps getting better and better.

Also a few of you have asked about this human select system manual dialer I helped design and I know there’s some buzz about that in light of the Florida bill and Facebook, since the ATDS rules have really changed recently. Reach out and I’m happy to connect folks with the software developer (always have your own counsel review any new outreach efforts, however).

And for anyone still following the fate of Creasy, another Court just denied a Creasy motion see Van Connor v. One Life Am., C/A No. 6:19-cv-03283-DCC, 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 121008 (D. S.C. June 29, 2021), which brings the score to about 1,000,000 to 4. 

Then again, the Squire TCPA teamwhich is already responsible for 25% of all Creasy victories nationwide–just earned another big win, with a Court staying an entire case in favor of the Firm’s client pending the outcome of a Creasy determination in the Perez appeal. Can’t post the case publicly, but reach out if you want a copy of the decision.

Winning. Winning. Winning. Winning.


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