FCC COMMISSIONER NOMINEE HEARINGS ROUND 3: Senator Cruz Gives No Love To Gigi Sohn This Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone! I know a few of you have certainly been waiting for TCPAWorld coverage of the striking exchange between Senator Ted Cruz and FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn this Valentine’s Day…and it certainly had nothing to do with cupid!

So Sohn was initially nominated by Biden back in October of 2021, and it has been a slow process to get the Senate confirmation. She was renominated twice this year.

Sohn blames the telecom industry for the “false and misleading attacks” on her record and character.

Well, the attacks probably are not over for Sohn, and they certainly were a few hard hits by Cruz on 2/14/23.

Cruz attacked Sohn for her involvement in Locast and questioned whether the sweetheart settlement (as Cruz called it) had something to do with her pending position as an FCC Commissioner. When confronted on her previous answers regarding this settlement, she said she never misled the Committee and claimed her silence here and to the White House was because she was bound by a confidentiality agreement. Cruz pointed out that the confidentiality agreement applied to media or press, not the Committee or the White House.

He then criticized her 12 contributions to Democratic senators while her nomination was pending. Sohn said she is a “citizen who just wanted to participate in the democratic process.” She emphasized they were relatively small donations.

Her “Fight for the Future” involvement was also highlighted by Cruz. Sohn says her involvement was only small donations due to their involvement in net neutrality.

More to come!



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