So tomorrow I am doing a low profile (until now) Ask Me Anything event with my friend April Wong.

You can register here:

Totally free, per usual.

What will we talk about?


The Gigi Sohn hearings? Sure.

The FCC shutting down Phone Burner (maybe, by accident.)? Sure.

My big upcoming session with FCC policy chief with the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau at LeadsCon? Sure.

That other Troutman firm (NOT US) getting destroyed (hyperbole, sort of) by a cyberattack?

Repeat litigators and all the trouble they cause? Sure.

The new Congressional bill to add jail time to the TCPA? Sure.

The incredible CFPB ruling that just ended lead sales in the mortgage vertical? Sure.

What’s up with R.E.A.C.H.? Yeah, that will come up.

That huge CIPA ruling involving website chat boxes? Sure.

How I created that incredible website? Sure.

What plans do I have next for the firm? Absolutely. Here’s a hint:

So… yeah.

Ask me anything.

See you folks tomorrow February 17, 2023 at 11 am pacific.

Totally free. Promise it will be fun.



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