HERE THEY ARE: Teasers for the Next HUGE Edition of Deserve to Win!

Well you all saw the cool pics from our HUGE 12th Episode of Deserve to Win last week.

Amazing guest this episode. Wait until you this. Absolutely the funnest time we have had to date. (Funnest is a word.)(yes it is.)

So the full episode will be dropping later this week–probably Thursday–but for today here are a handful of great clips to enjoy while you wait for the GREAT BIG FULL episode!

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First up, R.E.A.C.H. just saved tens of thousands of jobs. CMS was proposing to prevent TPMOs from sharing beneficiary information with one another–a result that would have ended every small business in the Medicare marketing world. BUT R.E.A.C.H. was here to prevent that!!!

BOOM!!!!: R.E.A.C.H. Advocacy Finds its Mark as New CMS Rule Omits TPMO Requirements!– At Least For Now

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But the battle to save the performance marketing world has only just begun. The FCC is currently considering a proposal that would prevent ANY transfer of consent for TCPA purposes.

“DIRECTLY” DISPUTED: Why One Word in the FCC’s New NPRM May Shut Down the Entire Lead Generation Industry

That would destroy a huge segment of comparison shopping websites and cripple the lead generation world as we know it– the Czar explains.

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Meanwhile, huge win for Troutman Amin, LLP and Queenie in a massive putative class action victory.

Repeat TCPA litigator Salaiz got his case THROWN OUT of Court after Queenie moved to dismiss and strike a class. The Court granted the motion on vicarious liability grounds and that was the end of that. Read more here.

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Last but not least, Troutman Amin’s newest member– Jessica Trinh–breaks down the DEVASTATING results of allowing a default to be entered against a Defendant in a TCPA suit. Even in an INDIVIDUAL suit MILLIONS can be on the line.

Absolutely critical that you lawyer up and defend yourself with CAPABLE counsel. Not worth the consequences otherwise…!

More great clips tomorrow. Chat soon


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