WELCOME BACK!: Here’s a Link to Our Latest Webinar and a Few Updates on the FUN Stuff We Have Planned For YOU!

Welcome back TCPAWorld, let’s get those engines fired up.

So a few quick pieces of info for you this Tuesday AM.

First, remember June 6, 2023 is the DEADLINE for reply comments on the big FCC NPRM that holds the keys to the lead gen industry in the balance. A few options may come out of this ruling, including the possibility that NO intermediaries can exist between a consumer and a good or service provider–i.e. that lead generation is dead. We had a R.E.A.C.H. meeting last week and I had to concede to folks I was feeling a bit pessimistic after the terrible FTC changes in May. But we have to keep up the fight folks.

In better news, our aptly-named webinar “The Last of Us” last week brought together lead buyers, lead sellers, technology platforms and lawyers to discuss the incredible importance of TCPA compliance in the lead generation and performance marketing industries and provides CONCRETE tips and tricks for companies looking to compliance a bit easier to achieve.

The Czar joined LeadHustle, QuoteVelocity and ActivePropsect in this CAN’T miss one-hour session. You can check it out here.

Also the demand for Troutman Amin, LLC’s incredible summer marketing law conference has just gone bananas.

We even have a flyer now.

I didn’t realize that throwing a free event would result in so many folks clamoring to get in. We are at standing room only right now–don’t worry though clients, you will definitely get a seat–and I have (unfortunately) been having to turn folks away. Really hate that. Considering switching to a larger venue.

Plus we have FOUR great sponsors I can’t wait to introduce you folks to. And YES we are going to have a virtual option that will be only $249.00 for the full day (and YES you will get a t-shirt and other awesome swag with it.) 🙂

But being there in person is definitely the way to go. Big brands. Great lead sellers. Cool vendors. And most importantly– so much incredible content on the topics that mean the most to you. Plus the chance to check out Troutman Amin‘s humble new home.

Last but not least, Contact.IO in Denver is just around the corner and Troutman Amin, LLP will have ITS OWN STAGE at the event!


You’ll have to be there to see the amazing things we have in store for you. Contact.io is coming up AUG 30- SEP 1, 2023. More to come on that soon.

Chat soon!


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