DELIVERING A NEW LAWSUIT: Pizza Hut Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Text Messages!

Hi TCPAWorld! The Baroness here with some interesting news from the TCPA realm.

Just yesterday, Pizza Hut became the latest target of a TCPA class action lawsuit.

The allegations in the Complaint are fairly straightforward.

Danuel Cortez (yes, that is a “u” and not an “I”) alleges that he received multiple text messages from Pizza Hut on his cell phone, even after he texted “STOP” to opt out.

A purported screenshot of the text messages included in the Complaint shows that after Danuel texted “STOP,” Pizza Hut sent a confirming text message that he was successfully unsubscribed. But then, 3 days later, he continued to receive promotional text messages from Pizza Hut. How did that happen? If these allegations are true folks, Pizza Hut might find itself in hot water.

Danuel seeks to represent the following class: All persons within the United States who, within four years prior to the filing of this Complaint, (1) were sent a text message from Defendant or anyone on Defendant’s behalf, (2) regarding Defendant’s goods, products or services, (3) to said person’s residential and/or cellular telephone number, (4) after making a request to Defendant to not receive future text messages.

Since this case was just filed, we’ll have to keep a close eye on how things unfold in the coming months. Rest assured, we’ll stay on top of this and provide updates as they roll in. Stay tuned!


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