GOOD MORNING TCPAWORLD!: It is Conference Week! And A few other things you should know–PLUS You All Say The SWEETEST things…

So this Thursday is the big Law Conference of Champions–the Troutman Amin, LLP Summer Marketing/Advertising Law Conference–and everyone is absolutely full of excitement about it.

We have that “home for the holidays” feeling right now in the office with the whole Troutman Amin gang–the Viceroy and Countess, included– descending upon Orange County from across the country.

The mysterious Viceroy is coming to town…

And when they land, they are being greeted by the firm’s new AMAZING video advertisement boards all over John Wayne airport!!!!

I told you I had big news. And on Friday of last week the first batch of five videos promoting Troutman Amin, LLP–and FEATURING mostly the powerful and incredibly well-RESPECTED Puja J. Amin–began running at the airport. And they are on RIGHT NOW.

how fantastic are these things????

We all took a field trip down to SNA to check them out on Friday and then the Baroness, Dame, Queenie and I went out for a bite to celebrate. It was a marvelous time.

We had a great time! And if you dont love your boss this much you are at the wrong firm!

But it is just the prelude to Thursday. So much positive energy right now. Excitement really boiling over.

Be sure to reach out to Puja and congratulate her. She truly is a STAR.

Meanwhile, we will have Abbas Kazerounian–the Godfather of TCPA Class Actions–in studio TODAY as we record Deserve to Win Ep. 14 (Ep. 13 will be out this week I believe!)

Plus TOMORROW I am doing a secret–not so secret–show with Mike Gibbs of

Per usual thing thing is absolutely FREE and CRITICAL for anyone wondering about text message compliance rules these days.


Last, somebody sent the sweetest note to me the other day:

Eric, look forward to your posts every day. You and your firm are extraordinary – all the information you freely share is amazing. Love your candid opinions. No agenda here – just an old timer making observations. Geez, I think at my age I’ve become a groupie (is that still a thing???) – for sure a super fan of your frim. You not only deserve to win, you deserve all the very best as your firm continues to grow. Absolutely amazing.


Keep on vibing. Chat soon.


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