TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: #biglaw melts down while #troutmanaminforever has ALL the momentum right now…

Beautiful, no?

Win, win, win, win.

We just keep crushing.

Opened our NOLA office this week. “Law Conference of champions” next week. Deserve to Win is back!!

And we still have MORE huge news to break tomorrow. Then EVEN MORE huge news again next week.

My goodness Troutman Amin, LLP is an ABSOLUTE JUGGERNAUGHT.

And our signage arrived today!!!!

This thing is enormous. Pretty much visible from space.

And check out the awesome lights!!!!

So may amazing things happening around here. Simply unbelievable how fast we are rising thanks to all the love and support from our LOYAL and SMART clients, and our WONDERFUL TCPAWorld community.

On the other side of the scorecard there is #biglaw tho. Eesh.

These guys are absolutely going down in flames right now.

More firms were just DESTROYED by data breaches.  According to Above the Law, Kirkland & Ellis and K&L Gates were just rampaged by some hackers.

So SO embarrassing.

Meanwhile Proskauer Rose suffered a data breach earlier this year and, of course, Troutman Pepper— NOT THE ULTRA-POWERFUL TROUTMAN AMIN, LLP–the Pepper, not the Amin, had a terrible and complete MELTDOWN. 

I hate to be negative, but these firms are an absolute joke right now. Dumpster fires. No one takes them seriously and so many partners–and clients–are headed for the exits.

I mean, how can you trust a firm that can’t keep your data safe? It is absolutely nuts.

Not here. No way. Because there are no points of infiltration. No bloated administration. No poorly-protected infrastructure. Way too stealthy. Very secure. Very safe.

That’s why we just keep growing and crushing and–above all–winning.

Oh, and BTW we are hiring… again. If you think you have what it takes to join the most elite legal environment imaginable–handling multi-billion dollar litigation, day in day out–give us a call.


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