PACE Update – Is There Any Truth to the Rumors?

Editor’s Note: Email from PACE just now. Draw your own conclusions.


“Some of you may have read a blog or heard a rumor that PACE was merging with R.E.A.C.H. This is not true. Although, it’s not in our policy to typically respond to these types of comments, in this particular case, we felt the need to respond. 


These speculatory writings are the opinions of the individuals, not of the PACE EC or Board of Directors nor are the writings representative of the whole truth.


PACE is the association of associations in consumer experience. We have a half dozen associations under our umbrella, consisting of hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals. We are always and will continue to look to bring in more associations into the fold.


The PACE EC and Board did in fact discuss the potential of uniting the performance marketing association (C3) with R.E.A.C.H.. We believe unity in this space is needed. To that end we have looked at and continue to look at anyway to unify the voices in the space so entities can be clearer to the regulatory, legislative, and state groups. One way to unify the voice was a potential partnership with R.E.A.C.H.


We considered many ways R.E.A.C.H and PACE could possibly work together.


At the end of the day, the PACE EC and Board of Directors were not interested in rushing in to any “merger” or permanent relationship without first working together on initiatives and projects over a six-month period. We wanted to do this to determine if individuals could put the needs of the industry before themselves. If individuals could be educators and leaders working in a unified, non-combative way with businesses, members, and government entities in a civil manor with decorum. We focused on our responsibility to protect PACE from “negative” or “combative forces” as this would only more greatly fractionalize the ecosystem.


We presented our thoughts of working together on various projects, on a mutually agreed upon thoughtful timeline, for six months to determine if the R.E.A.C.H./PACE alignment could work. 


This process was rejected by R.E.A.C.H.


The Board’s commitment to the PACE constituency is to protect its integrity first and foremost. We weigh any decision with our members and the solidity of PACE in mind. Under our new leadership, we will move quick, but we will not rush into any decisions, ever.


PACE has never been one person’s organization. We are led by a strong group of industry professionals who care about the space more than themselves. No self-indulgence, just hard workers trying to make a difference for everyone in the space.


There are a lot of great initiatives going on at PACE right now. Revised SRO that has already garnished support from major companies, changes in the members of the board of directors, a renewed focus and energy on evolving PACE into the greatest Customer Engagement Association.”





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