“VERY DRAMATIC CHANGE”: The Czar Joins Arbeit U to discuss What Businesses Should be Doing NOW to Prepare for Big FCC Changes

We just keep hammering away.

No matter how many times I discuss these issues I always have quite a few folks who seem to be getting the message for the first time–so I will keep riding far past the midnight hour.

This week I was super excited to work with the wonderful and very lovely Kaitlyn Filippi of Arbeit U–really a fantastic organization and Kaitlyn is AWESOME– on a quick little thrill ride of a video breaking down the big FCC developments and discussing what businesses should be doing NOW to prepare. 

While we certainly discuss the massive FCC NPRM that threatens to shut down the lead generation industry we also dive pretty deep into the difficulties presented by the FCC’s secondary NPRM–the one that would require businesses to honor revocation in 24 hours or less.

We talk through PRECISELY what businesses should be doing RIGHT NOW to prepare for these upcoming changes and it really was a beautiful bookend to the discussion I gave at Convoso’s incredible RoadShow this week.

Plus this video–which you can watch below–is an AWESOME primer for the BIG BIG ONE next week: contact.io.

Cannot wait for this show!!!

I will be in Denver, CO along with Queenie, the Dame and Baroness to answer all of YOUR questions and help you prepare– but help me to help you by watching this video FIRST so you have the background you need.

Watch us right now!

Big thank you again to Kaitlyn and the whole great crew over at Arbeit.

Chat soon!



  1. Any idea as to the timing on a possible FCC decision- and how long would it be between finalization of the rule and implementation?

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