THE DUKE APPEARS!: Quick Clip Introducing new Sr Paralegal Connor Treanor to the Team!!!

So we just dropped Deserve to Win podcast Ep. 16 and we just recorded Ep. 17 yesterday!


In episode 17 we will be talking with Jeff Lohman about his roller coaster life in TCPAWorld right now. Really big episode that I know EVERYONE is looking forward to.

The AMAZING Duke of the TCPAWorld makes his first appearance!!! For more GREAT content be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel! 

But my favorite clip of the new podcast is when we introduce Connor!

LONG LIVE THE DUKE!: Senior Paralegal with Deep Mortgage Experience and Litigation Background Joins Troutman Amin, LLP

I love having this guy here. He is so positive. So fun. So SMART.

The team waiting for Connor to appear…

Really a wonderful win for us to have someone like Connor on board. I just love the guy and I know you will too!

Look for Episode 17 to drop in the next few weeks and in the meantime be sure to catch episode 16 NOW!

Chat soon!


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