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You’ve seen our incredible free TCPA Annual Review. You’ve signed up for our magazine. You’ve caught our recent great FREE webinars. 

And now you are treated to the 16th episode of our INCREDIBLE Deserve to Win podcast.

For anyone who is not familiar with the format here, the Deserve to Win team gets together and discusses all the biggest news from TCPAWorld and then sits down with an awesome guest.

We’ve already met with Anthony Paronich, Mike Greenwald, Abbas Kazerounian, Jay Edelson, and Josh Swigart to name a few.

But this episode we have a little fun and connect with the founder of the Jolly Roger, Roger Anderson.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Jolly Roger it is this ridiculous program that allows consumers to use an AI bot to keep robocallers on the line feigning interest in products or services. It is actually pretty funny–even if it is the scourge of call centers.

Those of you running call centers need to tune in here to get a sense of how Jolly Roger operates so you can avoid falling for its tricks. And for consumers interested in a great way to punish folks calling you without consent well…let’s just say this is a fairly effective way to do it.

Before we get to the interview, however, we break down some of the biggest stories out there right now, including:

  1. An update on that critical FCC TCPA NPRM and the efforts of R.E.A.C.H. to save the industry;
  2. An update on the amendments to the NY telemarketing law everyone is talking about;
  3. A discussion of the impact of Delaware becoming the 13th state to pass a data privacy enactment;
  4. The stunning ruling that AI generated artwork is not subject to US copyright protection; and
  5. The HUGE ruling finding that calls are not solicitations unless a plaintiff can allege their content.

Really big episode. And guess what? You can watch it NOW and for FREE!

The 16th Edition of the Deserve to Win Podcast! For more INSIGHTFUL content be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE You Tube Channel!

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