So there is a BUNCH TCPAWorld needs to be prepared for right now…

First, holiday party is just around the corner as the Dame and Baroness explain in the latest edition of The Real Associates of Orange County.

These two crack me up.

Second, Queenie and I are going to do a LIVE BROADCAST breaking down the Senate subcommittee hearing next week WHILE IT HAPPENS (what are we CNN or something?) The broadcast will be playing live on! Sponsored by the Reassigned Numbers Database. More on that next week.

Third, we will be announcing something TRULY INCREDIBLE on Monday. It will blow minds and show that our commitment to taking over the world isn’t just idle chatter… Here’s a hint: K Street baby.

Be prepared. 😉

OH! And you can BUY Deserve to Win (Issue 2) for just $24.99 now on our awesome website!

It has Queenie on the cover!

Chat soon!



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