U.S. SENATE SETS A HEARING ON TCPA!: Testimony on Protecting Americans From Robocalls Set for Next Week– Czar is NOT on Witness List

So I have been hinting for a few weeks now that a hearing was likely to be held in the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Media and Broadband on the TCPA and–no surprise–I was right.

The hearing is set for next Tuesday at 7:00 am pacific (that’s 10:00 am for you on the east coast!)

The witness list is all made up and, unfortunately, the Czar did not make the cut this time. And that’s actually a pretty bad thing for those hoping to keep the lead generation business, well, in business.

Testimony is expected from

  • Margot Saunders, Senior Attorney, National Consumer Law Center
  • Megan Brown, Partner, Wiley Rein, U.S. Chamber of Commerce representative
  • Josh Bercu, Executive Director, Industry Traceback Group; Vice President Policy and Advocacy, USTelecom
  • Mike Rudolph, Chief Technology Officer, YouMail

We know what Margot will say– domestic telemarketing calls are the result of lead generators abusing consumers. She will advise that they are working with the FCC to assure consent cannot be transferred. She will mention the FTC has already held as much. Heads will nod. And no one will be there to rebut. Really unfortunate.

She will also claim to be testifying on behalf of the NCLC’s “low income clients” while omitting to mention the millions in revenue NCLC brings in from TCPA class action settlements and judgments.


Even though the Czar will not be on stage his influence will loom large over the proceeding–as it always does. Puja and I just hung out with Josh at some length this week, Mike’s boss is Alex Quilici who was on our podcast last month, Megan Brown’s partner Kevin was just on a panel with Puja, and–of course–Margot is always thinking of me.

Its incredible how much influence Troutman Amin, LLP has out there right now. Tons of fun. We really occupy a unique position in the telecom world–and its all thanks to our many friends. 🙂

But most importantly, will the hard work of R.E.A.C.H. to stop unwanted calls be mentioned? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

We will be watching very carefully–and you should be too. The hearing will stream live on the Committee website, Twitter and YouTube.

We may try to set up some sort of live feed on Troutman Amin, LLP as well–perhaps with some live coverage from Queenie and I. We’ll see if we can get that set up.

And even though I will not be there testifying, hopefully the good folks on the Subcommittee will keep my remarks before the FTC in mind. The lead generation industry is a superpower for this country. Getting rid of it wholesale would be a real mistake:

Enjoy! And follow our incredible You Tube channel!

Chat soon.


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