HERE THEY ARE: Clips of MASSIVE Episode 17 of Deserve to Win– With Jeff Lohman Talking About Navient’s RICO Case Against Him!

So there’s been tons of big news in TCPAWorld lately but one of the biggest stories was the RICO case brought by Navient against volume TCPA filer Jeff Lohman.

Navient sued Jeff a few years back claiming that he was helping to manufacture TCPA lawsuits by encouraging clients to stop paying their bills and then convincing them to revoke consent using questionable methods. The jury agreed with Navient and awarded it over $1MM in penalties–the biggest award in connection with allegedly fake TCPA suits to date!


But the judge in the case overturned that ruling a few weeks ago determining there was no evidence the cases Lohman brought lacked merit. So Lohman went from low, man to high flying really quick.


Jeff joined the latest edition of Deserve to Win to do a quick victory lap and he was very clear Navient’s case lacked merit:

Interesting, no?

Navient may be seeking an appeal so it remains to be seen how this whole saga will end. But Jeff is certainly riding high for now.

Before we get to the interview though the Deserve to Win team breaks down all the biggest news– including the Duke’s first discussion of a case!!! He breaks down the massive personal liability win by Liberty Power CEO against Katz:


We also have a bit of fun, discussing Puja’s INCREDIBLE cover article in Deserve to Win magazine (that everyone is talking about!):

And the biggest news of all– Tori (our READHEAD) dyed her hair and suddenly became blonde. We just had to address it:


Full episode drops soon–probably tomorrow! Be on the look out because you will NOT want to miss this.

Chat soon TCPAWorld.


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