HERE IT IS! The Huge Webinar Breaking Down the Facebook TCPA SCOTUS ATDS Review Oral Argument You’ve Been Dying For

So many many many of you have contacted me for my views on the HUGE oral argument last week.

You’ve digested our live blog feed, watched our podcast with Sergei Lemberg (lead Plaintiff’s counsel in Facebook) and crushed all of our great coverage of the briefing. Heck you’ve even re-read our definitive breakdown of the oral argument 6 or 7 times.

But you still want more coverage…

No problem! This is TCPAWorld and we always HAVE more to give.

I am happy to say that have allowed me to share the DEFINITIVE INCREDIBLE AMAZING breakdown of the oral argument that we provided exclusively to Contact Center Compliance. We recorded this thing THE DAY OF and–as advertised–it will be the ONLY breakdown of the argument provided by our powerful TCPA defense team.

Indeed, the only way to get my OFFICIAL prediction on the outcome of the big appeal is by watching this webinar.

And while I had planned to be stingy in a “if you missed it you missed out” manner, this Grinch’s heart has grown two sizes this week (mostly because it is so hard for me to tell the TCPAWorld faithful “no”) and so HERE IT IS TOTALLY FREE:

Ignore the first two minutes. Its just us goofing off. 

Click the picture above to hear a complete GAME DAY breakdown of the argument from several members of our powerful team– the Archduke, the Grand Duchess and the Countess. Along with TCPAWorld newcomer Jacqueline Le who breaks things down from a call center perspective.

PLUS you get to hear from former Supreme Court Clerk Keith Bradley –who is co-head of Squire’s incredibly powerful Supreme Court and Appellate practice. Take a look at this guy’s educational background:

  • Columbia Law School, J.D., executive editor, Columbia Science & Technology Law Review, 2007
  • University of California at Berkeley, Ph.D., 2001
  • University of Cambridge, Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, 1996
  • University of Chicago, B.A., with honors, 1996

Like, really?

As you’d expect, Keith and I nerd out over the finer points of Supreme Court advocacy but the rest of the team keeps it “real” and fun.

Amazing stuff here folks. A true true true must watch. (And no more asking me for my thoughts TCPAWorld– I love you, but watch the video!!!)




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