TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: I See You National Law Review– And a Berman Webinar! And 60 Days to TCPA Summit!

I love my loyal (rabid?) TCPAWorld following.

What makes me smile most, however, is that despite the really good hard-hitting content the last week on TCPA developments, my MOST READ pieces this past week for my two “After Dark” blogs from the last two days.

People LOVED the goofy “content specialist” piece. The idea that a big firm was hiring to compete with the Czar definitely struck a chord.

And, of course, every time I introduce a new team member there is TREMENDOUS interest. So much traffic on my little blog introducing Brit–the “Baroness.” 

So I figured I’d keep the “After Dark” vibe going today with a quick wink and a nod at National Law Review, which is back to block-posting my content:

Love to see that.

Probably more importantly, JUNE 3, 2022 at 10:00 am pacific DNC.Com and I are teaming up for a CRITICAL webinar breaking down Berman and the new developments around recycled numbers.

What do those two things have in common?

They are the two LARGEST class action risks facing your business today. The Berman ruling obliterates a large number of arbitration and consent clauses out there. And the Plaintiff’s bar is definitely paying attention. On the other hand, the RND has created its own additional level of class action risk–mostly for folks who aren’t using it.

We’re going to dive deep into what these NEW developments mean TO YOU. Questions will be answered. Minds will be blown.

And, of course, this thing is FREE!!!

Register here now.

And then, the BIG ONE. (Well, I have some other things in between–I’ll talk about those later.)

Two full days of TCPA GLORY as we break down all the critical TCPAWorld developments and DIVE DEEP in roundtable, interactive, and immersive fashion.

This is an event SO BIG  that not even the Czar can carry the entire thing himself. I will be teaming up with the DIVINE Christine Reilly–she’s just incredible–and other members of her team, as well as Peggy Daley–TCPAWorld’s pick for 2022 “expert of the year”– and, of course,


(How’d you like her hijacking TCPAWorld today for a bit? Most read article of the month so far. TCPAWorld enjoyed that sucker punch, and I can tell.)

Related–Amanda, are you coming to the summit? (Please say yes.)

I will do more promotions soon but this TCPA Summit WILL sell out–I’m likely to do another rendition of my “10 Commandments” –and there is literally nothing more valuable to in house lawyers, litigators, compliance officers, call center operators, platforms, and direct-to-consumer marketers than the information I will provide during those two days.

Plus you’ll get to hang out with me–and the other panelists. Drink with us. Dine with us. Ask us questions. Enjoy some of the Czar’s NEW and AWESOME swag. At no additional cost.

And ALL ATTENDEES will be the first to obtain TCPAWorld.’s com FIRST EVER “TCPA Bible – 2022 Edition”–a breakdown of all the current trends and most important court decisions. At no additional cost! Its a two billion dollar value (probably), yours free with the purchase of any ticket.

Get in now before it is too late!

Ok. I know this was uncharacteristically disjointed–but it was still fun. Hope you enjoyed the mishmash this evening. Chat soon!



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  1. Bought my ticket, booked my hotel and flight today to attend the compliance summit! Very excited to be on the frontline of keeping my company growing and compliant

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