ONE YEAR LATER: The Deserve to Win Podcast is Now ONE YEAR Old–And its Amazing How Much We’ve Accomplished

Been a heck of a year! Look how much younger Brit looks. hahahaha

So today marks one year since we recorded our very first Deserve to Win episode with Anthony Paronich.

HOPE YOU ENJOY!: The Deserve to Win Podcast (Ep. 1) with THE WOLF of the TCPA–Anthony Paronich–is AVAILABLE NOW!

Was a great episode for sure but it is amazing how many INCREDIBLE guests we’ve had on that followed.

From TCPA wrong number class action master Mike Greenwald, to the director of the FCC’s Reassigned Numbers Database, to Dr. Evil himself, and even the guy who opened a bar using TCPA lawsuit winnings, we have really delivered an amazing array of voices in addition to breaking down dozens of absolutely critical TCPA developments.

That time we did an episode in our pajamas… 

All entirely free.

Pretty cool.

And its amazing how many folks have responded and engaged with the podcast.

Dr. Evil himself… 

Greenwald himself called me recently to brag about surpassing Jay Edelson–forgot to mention him–as our most watched episode of Deserve to Win.  And the CIPAWorld can’t get enough of our big interview with Josh Swigart– that one brought down the house and lead to the creation of a new website!

Jay Edelson is a genius… 

It has definitely been an amazing year and it all started in a humble little art studio in Santa Ana, CA.

Also the Deserve to WIN podcast drops soon. Be ready!

The picture that started it all

But we have some big changes coming as we enter Deserve to Win (Season 2.)

In the first place, with our new office open we’ll be recording in our new West Coast Podcast Studio! (Cannot wait to show this off.) And we’ll soon have a new standalone website where all the great content we generate will live (instead of it currently existing solely on YouTube.)

Paronich was our very first DTW guest… 

But one thing that won’t change is our commitment to bringing timely and critical content related to the world of marketing law along with great guests.

So lots more fun stuff coming. For now though, join me in wishing Deserve to Win a very happy first birthday!

Winning every day… 

You can watch every episode of DTW on our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel @deservetowin! Check it out now.


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