WHAT A MONTH!: October, 2022 Was a MASSIVE Month for TCPAWorld and the Troutman Firm

So I was looking over some statistics last night and I was surprised to find that October, 2022 brought the most visitors EVER to TCPAWorld.com–even more than April, 2021 when Facebook was decided.

When I reviewed the stories from this month, however, I realized that this was actually a MASSIVE month for the Troutman Firm and the TCPAWorld as a whole.

And that was all just in the first week of October!


Gees, what a month. But somehow it is not over!:

And last, not not least: WE OPENED A MIAMI OFFICE!

Holy smokes. What a month.

In one month then, Troutman Firm added three HITTERS to the team, launched a trade organization, opened a second office, attended a conference, spent a day recording video for a website, delivered on two webinars, published 35 articles, dropped one video podcast and recorded another– all while deftly and successfully guiding our clients through massive class litigation and providing critical compliance advice and counseling.

So what have you been up to?

Look, rarely do a pause to take stock of accomplishments. But October, 2022 was really something special around here. Thanks for pausing to relive it with me.

More great stuff around the corner, however. Stick around and see what happens next. 🙂


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